The wide open spaces surrounding the Castello di Rigutinelli allow us to provide our guests with numerous activities and entertainments. Trekking and hiking on many trails within the fenced perimeter, where it is possible to walk long distances, Mountain Bikes for the fans of the two wheels to explore the nearby paths, with their natural landscapes, colors and scents, and recreational, cultural and sporting activities, dedicated to the lovers of nature.

The Parco di Lignano is reachable by a few minute walk. With over 330 acres and situated on top of Monte Lignano, at a height of 837m, is surrounded by greenery and outfitted with wooden tables and numerous relaxation areas, where you can have a picnic and where the children can play.
Within the Parco di Lignano there is the Lignano Zoo where many animal species live, and where you can take rest after a nice walk or a horse ride. You will be able to book horse riding tour at the Farm and reserve one of the tennis courts near the castle. 


Our Farm has a 15 years history, is rich of recreational activities and in and within an area of 15 acres offers in season vegetables, typical products and a truffle-ground where our guests can witness the search of truffle. We also give home to many farm animals, including horses, donkeys, sheep, goats and ostriches. We offer typical products of local origin such as oil and truffle and a wide range of wines. Guests will find themselves surrounded by a natural atmosphere, full of colors, typical products, traditions and local flavors. Farm animals and the recreational activity such as sport fishing, guided tours and excursions will provide a relaxing stay, full of discoveries, and in contact with nature.


Our facility offers to young and less young guests a series of activities for their entertainment ranging from games for kids and children, such as swings and slides, to table tennis.

Antiques Fair

The Arezzo Antique Fair since 1968 takes place the first Sunday of the month (and the preceding Saturday) within the city center of Arezzo, displaying to the visitors, collectors and lovers of antique things, a large quantity of objects, that represent the history and the identity of our land.
In recent years the Antique Fair has proposed a new self-image, more in step with the times, offering herself not only to a national but to an international audience, making herself known by means of media and encouraging the tourists by a vast image marketing. (For more information: )[The Saracen]

The Saracen

The Saracen Joust is an historical re-enactment that takes place in the medieval city of Arezzo since the thirteenth century. The participants of the Joust are the four districts in wich the city is divided: The district of Porta Crucifera (also known as Culcitrone), the district of Porta del Foro (also known as San Lorentino ), the District of Porta San Andrea and the District Porta Santo Spirito ( already knonw as called Porta del Borgo ). The Saracen Joust is an ancient knightly competition that origins from the Moiddle Ages and whose purpose is for the knight to hit a target, placed on the shield of the Buratto (an armor-plated dummy representing a Saracen holding a cat-o'-nine-tails in his hand and a shield on the other that impersonate the King of the Indies), with a lance and after a horse charge. All this must be done without being hit by the flail actioned by the rotation of the dummy. In ancient times this sport was actually a military exercise that slowly took on the characteristics of an event in which the knights would challenge each other in times of celebration or simply to show their ability. (